TechEd 2008 Orlando ... Here I come!

I am heading out to TechEd this year. I have been going to TechEd since 2002 and find this and PDC to be exciting events and usually well done by Microsoft. You really do leave with a strong sense of excitement of what you are able to do for the next year.

I will be posting a lot of posts (hopefully) while I am in TechEd about my trip there and I have brought a camera - so hopefully I will be posting photos as well.

For those that are going - I once posted (back in 2004) a blog entry on what you should pack for TechEd, much of it still applies of course. Take a look at this entry here:

What you need to pack for TechEd 2004

I will also be using twitter for this event to notify friends of where I am at within the huge complex of TechEd (as well as the parties in the evenings). You can find me on Twitter at @billevjen.

For this TechEd, I will be working in the RD (Microsoft Regional Director) booth some as well as hanging out at the Wrox booth some. Come by and say hi!