Daylight Savings 2007

One thing to be aware for your servers in the spring of 2007 is that there is going to be a change to when Daylight Savings actually occurs. Here is a post from a newspaper on the matter:

"Lawmakers made recent changes that will extend DST four to five weeks beginning in 2007. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 will change DST’s duration from the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday in November. Those in favor of the change said the US will save on energy costs by taking advantage of the extra hour of sunlight during the extended period."

This means that your servers won't make the automatic adjustments on their own and if your applications are date/time sensitive, this might cause you some hassles or big problems. I found out that Microsoft is actually addressing this issue and will issue some patches to fix for the adjustments required. More information can be found here:

Visual Studio "Orcas" October CTP Available

The new CTP is available for the Orcas version of Visual Studio. This is the version which will allow for Windows Presentation Foundation development. I understand that the Windows Workflow Foundation and the Windows Communication Foundation pieces are not yet included and will come in a later version. This CTP includes what some of the items which will be in the post-.NET Framework 3.0 release. So this means that you will find LINQ capabilities in this release as well. Enjoy!