Random Notes on Halloween

  • Wow, looking at my editors site, there he is holding one of my latest books. Wow! Nice to see it on paper ... can't wait to get my copy!!!! :)  I have worked on three books in the last year and a half and they are all coming out this week and next. I can't tell you how good this feels!

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  • IT'S HALLOWEEN (just in case you didn't know). My kids were so excited, that they woke up at 4am! No kidding. So, what are the costumes this year? My daughter (7) is a ballerina, my youngest son (6mon) is a clown, and my oldest son (5) and myself are robots. We made our robot costumes the traditional way with boxes, foil and a bunch of wires and LED lights from Radio Shack that light up and blink on the front. I have a user group meeting tonight on 'Building a Reference Data Framework' to attend and decided to wear the robot costume there for fun. :)