DonXml and the Save C# Petition

I had a good laugh when I read DonXml's blog post about a potential Save C# Petition. Read for yourself.

Windows Forms is NOT Dead!

I just had a conversation with the head of the Microsoft Windows Forms team in the developer lounge and told him that one of the biggest questions I get about Windows Forms is whether or not it is dead. Avalon is coming and the rumor was that this 2005 release of .NET 2.0 was the last release of Windows Forms. Asked about this, his reply was that IT IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE! His comments included:

  • This is not the last version of Windows Forms (Windows Forms is not dead)
  • The Windows Forms team is still together - there wasn't a mass transit of folks to the Avalon team. He stated that in fact, the Windows Forms team has grown larger
  • Microsoft is still investing a huge amount of R&D towards Windows Forms
  • You can feel comfortable making investments in Windows Forms from your company as Microsoft is not abandoning it at all
  • Microsoft is investing a lot in interoperability between Windows Forms and Avalon - this means that your Windows Forms apps will be able to host Avalon controls and visa-versa.

I'm glad I stopped by to talk to him.