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I posted this before for TechEd 2004, but I just wanted to remind everyone as they get ready to fly to LA on Sunday or Monday what they should remember to bring. Here is what I am bringing!:


  • A BIG suitcase. You will be getting a ton of giveaways from PDC. There hasn't been one PDC where I didn't come up with a minimum of five new books. You will also be getting free software, t-shirts, papers, mementos, etc. You will need the space to bring this stuff home so be ready for it!
  • A laptop! Don't come without your computer if you can. If you have a laptop, get a wireless card as there will be usually some shoddy wireless available for you to use at the convention center.
  • An additional outlet expander plug thingy! I have this small outlet expander that turns one three-pronged plug into three three-pronged plugs. Why do I need this you say? Well, think about it my laptop friends: 11,000 people at PDC and 10,000 of those with laptops ... only 1000 (tops) or so places to plug these laptops into. With this expander, or an extension cord, or a power strip - you can then go up to anyone, unplug them and have the two of you share an outlet. It's all about brotherly/sisterly love in the community sharing of electrical power!
  • Walkie-talkies! I bought a pair of two-mile range walkie talkies. Seems like a cool thing to bring even if I don't need it.
  • Business Cards! You will make a lot of new friends at PDC and you will want to be handing out your contact info. You will also be meeting a lot of technologists that can help you in the future and you are going to want their cards. Whenever you get a business card - write a message to yourself on the back of the card on who the heck this person really is and what you promised ... otherwise it is a lost cause!
  • Pen/Pencil! (see above)
  • Digital Camera! Great for remembering the moment and also great for blackmail situations.
  • Ziplock bags! To put your wallet in for when you get thrown into swimming pools. Stay away from me Doug Seven and Donny Mack!
  • Extra pair of shoes! (see above)
  • Funny T-Shirt! With 11,000 people, you are going to need to stand out in the crowd somewhat. A funny t-shirt is always a hit. "Hey did you see the guy with that Bush/Kerry/Ballmer/Gates t-shirt ... oh man was he funny." .... see you would be remembered. I tried to get a Ballmer T-Shirt made that said this, but I changed my mind .... didn't want to stand out THAT much! :)
  • Bottle-opener. For the evenings.  :)
  • Aspirin and breath mints ... for the mornings. :(
  • USB Pen! For passing PPTs/Notes and good blackmail digital photos to your friends with.
  • MSDN Card! (via Julie Lerman): In the past few years, the MSDN booth in the exhibition hall has had great (free) gifts for those that show their MSDN card to them.

Did I forget anything? Let me know ...

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2005 2:04 PM Social Life , Microsoft | Back to top

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# re: What you need to pack for PDC 2005
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Another item for your laptop:

An external 2.5 inch USB Powered 7200 rpm hardrive to run all those VirtualPC Disks.
Left by Don Demsak on Sep 09, 2005 4:11 PM

# re: What you need to pack for PDC 2005
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don't forget your external dvd player if it's not built into your computer. There's going to be a LOT of software being distributed!
Left by Julie Lerman on Sep 10, 2005 7:58 AM

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