REVIEW: Links 2004 (XBOX)

I recently got this game, Links 2004, and was quite excited to give it a round. Overall, it is fun game (though friends tell me to check out Outlaw Golf). The graphics are superb and it is fun to change the weather to something rather annoying for the player - or if you are the one sitting around on a rainy cold day, then giving yourself some sunshine. The people in the game move and hit the ball quite realistically. You can also play all sorts of famous courses around the world which is exciting to do. I don't like the limited moves the players make though. My player, AD I think is name is, keeps coming up to the ball and just like Babe Ruth - points to the hole in the distance in a cocky way as if he is going to make a 350 yard hole-in-one or something. At first this was rather funny, but after about 100 times, it gets rather old. Also, it is TOO easy to play. All you have to do is pull the left thumbstick back and then press forward and you swing the club. Yes, this makes it easy and fun to start playing the game right away, but you wish there was a little more challenge to it after awhile. Though, I have to admit, that this easiness made it so that my 5-year old daughter Sofia could play with me since she could play just as well as I could really. I was AD, wearing some black beach shirt and white pants and she was Annikka S., wearing all pink and red (you can pick your own outfits). Playing with Sofia was nice since there are very little games on the XBOX that we can play together. She had fun (though she kept wanting to change the color of her shoes)!

My Sunday

I really realized today how much I miss Sunday football. Oh well. Spent the day trying to wire coaxial cable for the TVs in a future cool basement of mine - but without any luck. This cable is tricky stuff I think. I have been spending gobs of money on special end connectors, crimping tools and all sorts of stuff - but I am only getting static on the TV and I am starting to get rather pissed at it all. It is going to seem pretty defeating to call in the cable guy for this ... maybe Monday I'll head back to Lowes, stare at the shelves a little more and spend some more money on some special do-it tool. Anyone have better luck at this than me?

UPDATE: Finally figured it out! ... geez.

Wrox Professional VB.NET 4th Edition

4th, you say? What about the third? Well, I just finished author review on the 3rd Edition and then had to get the Table of Contents for the 4th edition in by tomorrow morning - so I spent some of the day on it. I think it is a great book and it will be exciting doing the 4th edition on Whidbey. If you would like to see something different in the 4th edition of the WROX Professional VB.NET book, then let me know here by commenting.