My Latest MSDN Articles

I have two articles on the front page of the ASP.NET Developer Center on MSDN. The first:

Using JavaScript Along with ASP.NET  - I used to be a big JavaScript user during my ASP 3.0 days and I was one day thinking why I didn't use JavaScript as much with ASP.NET 1.0/1.1. I think for me, was that it wasn't as easy to use as it was with ASP 3.0 and I looked at how I would accomplish the same sorts of tasks I did in the past, but now with the use of server controls.

The Forgotten Controls - HTML Server Controls - I really like HTML server controls and especially the HtmlGenericControl class. With this class, you can do quite a bit to your ASP.NET pages - some things that are not even possible with the web server controls. So take a look and have some fun with your pages.


INETA Europe Activities

Nice to see some great INETA activities happening in Europe! If you haven't gone to a user group meeting yet, then you are missing out! Already, there are hundreds of great user groups around the world. A .NET User Group is an outstanding way to learn .NET - learn with your peers, see it in action, see how it is making it in the field, best practices, etc.