XBOX Watch: New XBOX late next year

Screenshot 2

Seems there are some more words coming out about XBOX 2.0. Details include:

  • XBOX 2 might not include a hard drive, but instead depend on flash memory.
  • They are not sure that XBOX 1 games will work on XBOX 2
  • IBM will be the chip supplier (already knew that)

Scary ... I have been making a huge investment in XBOX 1 games and controls and wouldn't want to really upgrade. I doubt game vendors will have XBOX 1 and XBOX 2 versions of their new games that come out after the release of XBOX 2. Yikes, I think, but I will wait for more information before jumping to any conclusions.

Reuters sells off good portion of its TIBCO ownership

Just recently, Reuters sold off a good part of their TIBCO shares for around $500million. You didn't know we had a huge stake in TIBCO? .... well, Reuters owns quite a number of companies, such as:

Factiva (with Dow Jones)

There's plenty more, but those are some major ones. These are great companies that have great products and I've noticed that Reuters does a great job of bringing these companies products and people into the mix.