Interesting fact about the Visual Basic .NET Bible

Awhile ago, I wrote a book called the Visual Basic .NET Bible with Jason Beres. It was a fun book and it has been translated into something like more than eight languages already, which is cool. I like to look at the translations and see what they did - since they don't involve the original authors at all. The latest translated version of the Visual Basic .NET Bible that I found out there is the Spanish release.

The interesting thing here is that the title of the book is just Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. There is no mention of the “Bible” part of the title. I understand that they removed all “Bible” references from the book. Why? Well, the reason is because Mexico is heavily Catholic based and they thought that it would be quite bad to tie to the book to the actual Bible. So instead of the standard cover that all the other Bibles have, we have radishes. RADISHES? Hmmm. I don't know. When I think of VB, I think of celery myself. ;)