Is anyone else watching Beagle2?

It is quite exciting that Beagle2 is landing on Mars tomorrow! This is the European venture to Mars and the command control is in Germany. I watched with awe when the US look the rover to Mars and was on the NASA website every day looking at the latest and greatest pictures. The Beagle2 website is a bit funny. It doesn't seem that professional and seems more like a garage-shop approach to the whole thing if you ask me. The program also seems to push this Professor Colin Pillinger everywhere they can. You almost get a feeling that he did *everything* for the program. Kinda funny. So I end this entry with these great pictures of the great Professor and a Beagle2! These are actual pictures from the site ... geez. I like this first one. Here he is saying: “And diz is where you put in the waffle mix!“


posted @ Wednesday, December 24, 2003 7:29 AM

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