Christmas is coming .... is it a present for the boy or me? hehe

Well, Christmas is coming and I need to get shopping (I am horrible with this). My boy, Henri, is 3 this year - so it is a fun Christmas. I am going out to get him a slot-car racing set (don't tell my wife!). I used to get one of these every year when I was a kid - now it is his turn. BUT, I am sooo excited about getting this slot-car set as well that I think I can almost put my name on the package next to his. Thanks Santa!

Who's thinking of using the available IP from Microsoft?

Awesome news! Microsoft is going to make a lot of IP available to customers. Who plans on using some of this in the next year? ... interesting to know.

XBOX and the USO

It seems that Microsoft is going to supply XBOX game consoles for a number of USO centers. This article is interesting. The strange comment to me was from Ned Powell who says that they are trying to find “any diversion” from where they are going and what they are doing. So I am thinking about some young solider going off to fight battle in Iraq or wherever ... he comes into the USO ... sits down ... Oh an XBOX! How nice. I need a little diversion from where I am going .... Hmmm, let's see ... what games do we got here ... How about this HALO? That seems like a good choice.