Lovely Fall and Pumpkin Beer!

I love Fall. It is probably my favorite time of year. I have three huge sycamore trees in my yard that drop leaves that can be 12 inches across. I also like the foods and drinks that come out at this time (except Starbucks does a poor job). My favorite is Bluemoon's pumpkin beer.

If you haven't tried this beer, look for it and try to pick up a six-pack ... it is quite tasty!

Visual Basic .NET XML Documentation

Looks like from this post that XML documentation will be done with 3 clicks when the beta hits the shelves (when is that btw?):

''' <summary>
'''   A method.
''' </summary>

That is nice and convenient.

Bill Gates COMDEX Keynote - VIDEO

Bill Gates Comdex keynote that was done yesterday is available online. Look how the guy who introduces Bill works his hands .... note to other speakers .... don't do that. The disappointing part of this video is that all the videos that Bill shows are cut out of the presentation and replaced with a 'Coming back soon' type of screen. Geez.

The Microsoft Movies

I liked the videos that Microsoft shows at conferences. You can tell they put a lot into them. I was lucky enough to see the 'Behind the Technology' video at PDC. That was pretty dang cool. Though it seems that I missed another cool one showing Microsoft and the Matrix. Ballmer is Neo and Gates is offering him the BIG BLUE pill or the Red pill so that he can continue to stay in Wonderland. hehe. If you find where the video can be downloaded on the Internet, post a link here please.

UPDATE: Jason Olson found a link that has part of the video. You can get it here.

WOW ... Microsoft is going to compete with and Napster!

I found this article which just says that Microsoft has stated that they are going into the music downloading business next year! WOW. They will then be competing with the likes of iTune (Apple) and Napster.

INETA and the SYS-CON Radio Interviews

All the SYS-CON radio interviews that were done at PDC are now available. You can find a long list of .NET folk talking about what they are doing with .NET - many it seems pitching their services.  ;)

The one that I want to point out is the INETA interview done by our own Brian Loesgen and Dave Noderer. Check it out!

PS - Why is the site done in Cold Fusion?