Finally in the book stores

I was working with some others on a book that came out about a month ago, 'ASP.NET Professional Secrets', and I am finally seeing it in the book stores. That is nice as book store sales are the largest that a book can make (Borders and Barnes & Noble). Now that the book is out and I went to PDC, I am already planning the ASP.NET 2.0 version of the book and have already started outlining it. Dang ... technology moves so fast! My biggest concern is how the heck I am going to possibly fit all ASP.NET 2.0 offers into 1,200 pages --- totally impossible!  ;)

Real Networks uses Windows XP Embedded against Microsoft

In the EU trial that is going on, Real Networks used Windows XP Embedded against Microsoft. Windows XP Embedded allows people to select the parts of Windows XP that they need to create smaller versions of the operating system - for things like ATM machines and the like. Real Network contends that just the existence of this product shows that things don't need to be bundled. Ouch! READ MORE HERE....

MSN makes a profit for the first time in eight years!

MSN has made a $50 million profit. This is the first profit the .com has made in their eight years. Cool. Read it in detail here....

Wrox is alive and well

Wrox Logo

There seems to have been a lot of questions in the community about WROX - if they existed and what was going on. Let me report that Wrox is alive and well and is upgrading a lot of their most popular books at this moment. I worked on Professional C# 3rd Edition and the Wrox Professional VB.NET 3rd Edition. Both these books will be coming out in a couple of months time. Rob Howard and gang are working on the 3rd Edition of the Professional ASP.NET book. There are also some new books on the way. I know that they are looking for new book ideas and new authors, so feel free to contact them about this at So, I'll ask for the comments here - what books would you like to see from Wrox?

Reuters picks Accenture

Reuters picks Accenture for all of our customer's integration projects (and there is quite a few of them). Read more here.