A dummied-down European version of Windows?

Watch what you do Europe! Just read this article about a Microsoft threat that they may get a substandard version of Windows if they continue down the path that they are going.

There are famous people ALL OVER New York it seems!

I go to New York City a lot for my job. Every time I come to NYC it seems that I run into someone famous. Kind of funny for a city sooo big that this would happen, but it does. Statistically, it seems that it wouldn't though. Last time I was here (Oct) I ran into Donald Trump:

See the guy waving at me? That is actually his body guard coming to yell at me for taking his picture. But it was neat to see Donald.

This time, I am staying at the Hilton Times Square and I was heading to the lobby in the elevator. The elevator gets to the lobby and the doors open and who is staring me in the face??? .... none other than Barry Manilow. REALLY! I couldn't take a photo this time. But I am standing there and if there is anything that makes you pause getting off an elevator - it is the doors opening to Barry Manilow. My mind is going, “OK, Bill ... I know you drank some beers last night, but is this real?” I got off, Barry got on (with his groupies), I turn and watch the doors close and that is it. Strange and cool. I love NYC.