I LOVE IT! Joan Kroc leaves NPR more than $200 Million

My FAVORITE radio station and one of the best news sources around got a bequest of $200 million from the late widow of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc - Joan Kroc. Everyone at NPR was totally surprised and their 2002 budget was only something like $103 million - so this will keep them going strong for awhile! Outstanding!

Turned in my last chapter for my C# book!

I turned in my last chapter for WROX's Professional C# 3rd Edition. Whew! Now that the last chapter is in, it will get technically reviewed next and then I will receive what is called AR (author review) where I have to go through the chapters and address all the comments and concerns of all the reviewers. After that, the chapters go back to the editors and they review them again and then off to the printing. I understand that we won't see the book in print for another five months or so. The biggest problem with the book was keeping everything under 1,200 pages. The .NET Framework is so dang huge and there are so many cool things that you can do with it, that it is a problem to write a comprehensive book these days. The book will be great though and some of the other authors include Simon Robinson and Christian Nagel.

Help promote the ASP.NET Roadshow!

The ASP.NET Roadshow is touring the USA right now. This is a roadshow conducted by the greats Scott Guthrie and Rob Howard. You can see a advert (as the Europeans would say) on the side of my blog. Steal the jpg and use it on your own blogs/websites as well and make it click through to http://www.asp.net/roadshow. Help promote a great and FREE event to show America ASP.NET 2.0! I am excited about this tour. There are a ton of people already signing up for the event. I heard from a Microsoft friend that in something like one week about 300 people signed up for ... I think it was Denver or San Diego. But in any case, people are excited ... including me!

What is it? .NET 1.2 or .NET 2.0?

I am always so particular about names and the use of proper names. I have also thought about naming issues in past posts. Some people just say ... oh who cares about what the name is ... just use it - oh, I don't know why this is an obsession of mine, but it just is. Now the problem I have is that I have seen the mention of the next version of the .NET Framework being .NET Framework 1.2 in people's posts (including MSFT people) as well as reference to it being the .NET Framework 2.0. So what is it?