Longhorn Tweak Guide

Here is a Longhorn Build 4051 Tweak Guide site for those just installing it:

Investment Opportunities

I am always looking for thoughtful investment opportunities in the equities world and after PDC, I am wondering if I should invest in graphic card companies!


XBOX 2.0 - IBM the chip company?

This is not the normal way in which I think of Big Blue, but Microsoft has turned to IBM for the chips for the next version of the XBOX. The first version of the chip was done by Intel, but I guess that Microsoft has not been happy with them or something. They were tallking quite a bit with AMD about supplying the chips for XBOX2, but it seems that IBM beat them out at the last minute. I read about it here on the Reuters website, and it seems from this article that Sony PlayStation is the next target for IBM ---- watch out Intel!

XML Comes to Financial Data Reporting - Geez ... finally!

Microsoft, Reuters and some other companies have been working on XBRL for financial data reporting. Right now, all companies pretty much provide their reports in free text, but by providing it in XBRL, it would be then considerably easier for financial analysts to review these documents. Presently, it is only human eyes that reads through them all - but with XBRL, we can allow applications to then do all the crunching.

Microsoft is so much behind it that they are going to include XBRL output from Office! There is also hopes that the SEC regulates that XBRL is a requirement for financial reporting. Read about it all here.