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SESSION NOTES: The Future of C#

Presentation by Anders Hejlsberg. It is 10 years later since they started C# C# 1.0 was about introducing the general concept of managed code. C# 2.0 was about finishing C# 1.0 but didn't have time to do. C# 3.0 is really about radical new thinking in the language - LINQ. They learned a lot about functional programming through this exercise. Today is about C# 4.0. Some of the trends that have shaped their thinking on C# 4.0. Declarative Dynamic - resurgence of dynamic programming languages Concurrent ......

St. Louis .NET User Group Meeting Tonight

Hey ... if you are in St. Louis, we have Jeff Julian and John Alexander tonight! September Meeting - Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing in Microsoft .NETMonday, September 26, 20045:30 - 6:30 pm Welcome6:30 - 8:30 pm ProgramJeff Julian, John Alexander One City Place DriveCreve Coeur, MO 63141[MAP] Unit Testing is a crucial piece of the development process. The problem is, most of us don't put the time in to properly construct this portion of the process. By skipping this portion, we cause issues ......

Wouldn't you know it! Coding superstar comes to St. Louis and I am in NYC! Geez.

I am quite upset today. Tomorrow Jeff Prosise is coming to town (St. Louis) to speak at our C# SIG and I am out of town - in NYC actually. Jeff is one of my favorite people, EXTREMELY nice and one of the best .NET people out there by far! Devin and gang will be there though, so it will go quite well. Jeff coming to St. Louis has actually caused quite a bit of buzz in St. Louis ......