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Bill Gates PDC 2005 Keynote Highlights

It was interesting that they only allowed photography of Bill Gates for the first minute of his presentation. Also, you weren’t allowed to use your laptops in the crowd as well – so I ended up taking my notes on paper instead of doing it with Microsoft Word like I normally do. Oh well. So, there was a lot said at the Bill Gates keynote, so I will only go through what I think were the highlights of the presentation. Video – Bill started off with a bit of humor and presented a video ......

Little Toys for XP

I got this in a Microsoft email this morning: Don't Miss the New Winter Fun Packs! Download these free Fun Packs for Windows Media Player 9 Series, Windows Movie Maker 2 and Windows XP games. I downloaded the Windows Media Player 9 Series Winter pack - which has a pretty interesting visualization that I like. I also downloaded the digital photography Winter pack (not mentioned here ... but it is there) and that has a neat screensaver changer with six real nice desktop wallpapers that change at an ......