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Getting ready for PDC 2008 in Los Angeles

No, it's not the PDC 2008 World Champion Darts competition, but actually it is one of the coolest conferences on the planet. Microsoft's PDC 2008 (which stands for Professional Developer Conference) is a conference that is focused on the future Microsoft technologies. While TechEd is focused on the here and now - PDC focuses on things that are coming in the next 18 months or so. This is by far my favorite conference as there is quite a bit of energy and the crowd is excited and hungry for knowledge. ......

Oracle OpenWorld 2008

I'm for the first time at a non-Microsoft conference in my life. I am at Oracle's OpenWorld 2008 in the lovely city of San Francisco. So far so good. The biggest surprise is really how big this conference is. There are more than 43,000 people at this conference. Wow - amazingly big. The other thing that is different than the TechEd and PDC conferences that I attended in the past is that there are a number of keynotes here and it seems that the first ones aren't that important and they build up in ......

Alas my friends - I'm *not* TechEd bound

I wanted to ... oh yes, I wanted to come to TechEd. It is one of the best conferences out there and it is something that you will find simply overwhelming. I am unable to attend as the product that I have been working on for more than a year for Lipper is about to release (June 15th) and that is tooooo close to be messing around at a conference (no matter how cool I think that conference might be). I have to say though that the product we are releasing (for the financial services industry) is outstanding ......

St. Louis .NET User Group Meeting Tonight

Hey ... if you are in St. Louis, we have Jeff Julian and John Alexander tonight! September Meeting - Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing in Microsoft .NETMonday, September 26, 20045:30 - 6:30 pm Welcome6:30 - 8:30 pm ProgramJeff Julian, John Alexander One City Place DriveCreve Coeur, MO 63141[MAP] Unit Testing is a crucial piece of the development process. The problem is, most of us don't put the time in to properly construct this portion of the process. By skipping this portion, we cause issues ......

Halloween is over and Microsoft makes advances at Google

Another Halloween come and gone. I took the kids around the neighborhood tonight so they could just get all sugar-high and drive their parents crazy! Oh well. My son was an alligator and my daughter was a princess (both were quite predictable). Here's the night's photo: I read on the Reuters news wire that Microsoft was making gestures at Google. Quite interesting considering Google runs on around 5-8K Linux servers that they would even approach them on this. I also have heard in conversations and ......