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My first article, QuickStart Guide to Installing & Configuring BizTalk Server 2004 for Windows Server 2003 Multi-Box Installation ,  has hit over 1000 hits (1176 to be exact). I first posted this guide on the on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 11:49 AM. So I am averaging about a 100 hits a week. Seems like the biggest help so far has been fixing the DTC error, when people install BizTalk 2004.

Well it might not be exciting for you, but it is for me.

Posted on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 8:54 AM | Back to top

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Very nice guide!

The DTC can be tricky to get to work. Perhaps you should add that if you use a cluster the cluster is misconfigured by default because the start order of the SQL services are reversed, which makes DTC not startable. Later SQL server hotfixes fixes this though. You might want to add that BizTalk needs at least Hotfix 8.00.878 (the recommended for the installation) after SP3a as well to your guide. They are cumulative. (at least up to 8.00.977)

Once you have gotten into DTC trouble it is hard to fix it as well. I have read that the server has to be restarted and you have to wait for 15 minutes before changes are changed as well. To fix these kind of trouble you may have to msdtc.exe -uninstall and reboot and wait then msdtc.exe -install again and reboot and wait.

We needed to do this as well to get our DTC working remotely:;en-us;839187

To work around this behavior, turn off the RPC security on your Windows Server 2003 computers. To do this, set the DWORD value for the TurnOffRpcSecurity registry value to 1:
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
Locate and then click the following registry subkey:


Note If this subkey does not exist, create this subkey.
On the Edit menu, click Modify.
In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK.
Quit Registry Editor.

Best regards
Niklas E
Left by Niklas E on Jan 04, 2005 3:52 PM

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