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Anyone that’s worked with a BizTalk map of sufficient complexity is familiar with the pains of making changes to a map.  Most maps look like a rat’s nest of links and it can be quite the challenge to find the link for which you’re looking.  It helps greatly if the links are labeled, but while labeling links seems to be a best practice, it can also be an extremely tedious practice.

I wrote this utility with that in mind, trying to ease the tedious practice of labeling all the links in a map.  The utility will load the selected map file into a XML document, identify all the links, and update the label of the link based on the source and destination of the link.  If one of the link’s end points is a functoid, it will first attempt to use the functoid’s label, and if the label is empty, it will default to the functoid’s name.

After updating all the links in the map file, the utility will overwrite the original map file with the updated version.  I’ve not done extensive testing on this utility, so please make a copy of your maps before running it through the utility.  Please let me know of any issues you find while using this utility.

Source code for the utility and a test schemas with a map can be found here.

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