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I’ve recently encountered a problem where my deployment agents where gobbling up a ton of space on the C drive of my deployed machine, after investigation, when you start a deployment, the agent copies the package content over to the machine it’s deploying on in the temp folder essentially at c:\users\<USER>\appda... which essentially was filling up my C drive. Now like all good IT organization, SysAdmin create very small C drive (usually for the OS) so if something ......

So in this post I will revisit a post I wrote a while back TFS Server Administrators (when you can't be a Windows server administrator). Is it possible to manage a TFS instance without being a windows administrator? Well I'm aware of one thing right now I can't do as a regular application administrator. There are probably others but we are able to be pretty affective by following the steps in this and the previous post. I wrote the first post about a year and half ago and after going through many ......