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On January 29th Etienne Tremblay and I presented infront of roughly 120 people in Ottawa a 7 hours "sketch" on how VS 2010 and TFS 2010 can help both devs and testers in their respective work.  The presentation focused on how a testers' work can positively influence a developers' work and vice versa.  The format was quite unusual as I said it's a "sketch" where Etienne and I "ignore" the audience and we do as if we were at work and the audience is sort of "spying" on us.  In all I'm quite pleased with the content we presented and the format sure was alot of fun to render and I think the audience liked it too...  The good news for you people reading this post is that it got RECORDED and it's now available for download in quick 25 to 35 minutes format on the dev teach web site:


There were 2 cameras, one filming us and one capturing the screen for our demos.  We switch from one to another in an intersting flow and Jean-René Roy made sure he kept all our goofs and didn't edit those funny "oups moments" where we screw-up in the scenario...  Mostly educative but hilarious at times !!!

I encourage you all to download and watch the 13 episodes...  Follow a day at work for a tester and a developper using VS 2010 and TFS 2010 to improve their chemistry ! 

Thanks to Jean-René Roy for all the work he's put into this event and to Microsoft and Pyxis for sponsoring the event.



posted on Monday, February 14, 2011 10:31 AM