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October 2010 Entries

So I’ve been hearing a lot of folks (myself included) having issue with debugging there web application with VS 2010, Cassini (the VS web server) and IE9. It looks like this Well I found and easy solution, image that . Edit your hosts file at location c:\windows\system32\drivers... and make sure the localhost line is uncommented and the localhost ::1 is commented or deleted. You can ping locahost host from a command line and make sure you see Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ......

I just noticed I haven’t blogged in about 8 months… time flies when you have work to do. Things are going well and I have a few bits of insight I’ll try to share in the coming months (ya ya to busy to blog, etc). Anyway I wanted to say that I was renewed as an ALM MVP for the 6th year, I’m very happy about this obviously, I invest a lot of time in the Montreal community and with the ALM Team at Microsoft to make each version of the ALM suite just a bit better. I will continue to drive the team and ......