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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 #

Hello everyone,

I’ve known for while I was going to be a judge but I forgot to mention it.  Now that the day has come for me to take the plane to Egypt well I though I’d mention it ;-).

This should be an interesting judging exercise this year since there is no one theme, every team can pick from one the 8 millennium goals from Unesco

You can read about those at Millennium Goals

What’s going to be difficult is that in the past the competition centered around one of the those goals and we could compare teams on what they achieved now that they can choose any of the themes it’s going to be difficult to compare between teams, so fairness will be paramount.

I am also on the fairness committee for the IC and it was a great experience to make sure everything was done so that every team has a chance to win and that the competition would be as fair as possible.

I’m looking forward to going back to egypt for the second time.  I’ll take lots of picture and post a few here with links to my flick account.

Here are a few souvenir pictures from last time

Egypt Etienne 049Egypt Etienne 070Egypt Etienne 066Egypt Etienne 025


Talk to you all soon,



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