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Well I obviously couldn’t resist the temptation to install the Windows 7 RC.  Well I’m actually speechless (which says a lot if you know me).  This is a great OS I mean I was expecting good even great but I’ve been extremely pleased.

It’s fast, I mean really fast. I didn’t really have issues with Vista on that front when it was booted but it did feel sluggish at times.  Windows 7 is very snappy I sold.  I almost never reboot (If I can avoid it) and coming back from sleep is very fast in Windows 7 it was fast in Vista but it’s faster in windows 7 so that’s nice.

The new interface eye candy is pretty cool.   I like the new superbar it takes a little getting used too but once you “get it” it’s very cool.  The shake feature is interesting but mostly for demos.  The side snapping is nice too.  The new wifi features work great it reconnects real fast which is nice.

I’m running the 64bit version on my Fujitsu laptop and it found all but 3 drivers.  not bad.  I used the vista driver and all works great.

The new Windows Virtual PC is pretty cool but I think still need a bit of work.  it’s a bit slower then Virtual PC 2007.  BTW don’t install Virtual PC 2007 on the RC is says it’s not compatible.  I tried installing anyway and it won’t start.  Once I did that, Windows Virtual PC would not load any integration services anymore.  So I reinstalled (I did that on the first day and I had not installed anything but those apps).  Hope this saves you the headache.

All others apps I use work great. (I’ll go a post on those apps)

So I’m running “in production” and I don’t think I’ll go back to Vista

Great Job Microsoft.




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posted on Monday, May 18, 2009 12:28 PM


# re: Windows 7 RC 5/21/2009 7:05 PM Lolo
VPC in W7 is evil, give me my VPC 2007 back!!!

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