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October 2008 Entries

Eugene has all the lowdown for getting and using the brand new VSTS2010 VPC. Check out the info here Also my good friend Martin at TeamPrise just announced a brand new product called the Remote Accelerator. I’ve beta tested it and it’s really cool. All the info here Wish I was at PDC… Lots of good stuff on Windows Azure also. You can find a lot here Cheers, ET Technorati Tags: VSTS2010,TeamPrise Remote Accelerator,Windows Azure ......

So I’ve been trying to do some custom build numbering for my Team Build project and was confronted with a lot of let’s say “uninformation” and some great information also. I really didn’t want to create a custom task that I would need to maintain so I set on a long search for the Truth… needless to say I didn’t find it. But here is the information I found that should get you you to the right place. There is a great custom task created by the MSBuild team that used to be on GotDotNet but is now MSDN ......

In case you didn’t know, as part of the slew of information that Microsoft in this week one very cool announcement was made. VSTDE and VSTDBE are now both available to MSDN subscriber that have one of those versions. If you do, make sure you download the one you didn’t have (DBPro if you had Dev and Dev if you had DBPro) and install the other on top of the current VS you have. They functionality of the other version will just become available in VS. It’s as simple as that. Kudos to Microsoft for ......

Have a look at Brian Harry’s blog entry on the next generation power tools probably available end of October… A new team menu with presence, and team based tasks… A new way to download project related custom add-ins like check-in policy and Custom work item control. This is something I commented about way back in 2005 as a big hole to fix. I’m glad they tackled this. This is going to be very sweet in a corporate environment. Shell integration looks great but I’m not really a fan of that. I would ......

I feel rely privileged again this year to be awarded for my 4th time as a Team System MVP. This award as great value to me since it recognizes my expertise in a product and my dedication to the community. I spend a lot of time with developers both inside and outside EDS and I can tell you they are always exited to learn about new things they can do with the product. This year is going to be an extremely exiting year with VSTS2010 aka “Rosario” and the .Net Framework 4.0 work going in overdrive. I’m ......