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August 2008 Entries

The Groupe d'usagers Visual Studio Montréal has changed name for Communauté .NET Montréal to better reflect it's activities. What's new? A 4th meeting each month, this time at lunch hour. It's called @Lunch and it will be less formal and more of a discussion type of meeting inspired by Open Space and Alt.NET meetings. Check out the new site here: ......

The great DevTeach conference is coming to Montreal this year again from December 1-5 and i’ll be speaking again. I have 2 sessions in the new Team System track: Adopting Team System You have seen the Team System overviews, you are stoked and want to start using the product but you’re not sure where to start? This session is for you, in it we will open the box and look inside, we will discuss the various installation scenarios (solo developer or for a group, hardware vs. Virtual), the difference ......

there you have it. Check this post of all the info. .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 are Available! Cheers, ET Technorati Tags: .NET 3.5 SP1,VSTS 2008 SP1 ......

Hello everyone, With SQL 2008 shipping late last week it was time to try my hands at this scenario. It worked great but with a few things to remember. Here is the lowdown. There are two way to go about in order to install TFS with SQL 2008 1) Fresh install, 2) Upgrade SQL. 1) Fresh Install I used Windows 2008 because this is going to be the prevalent OS to install on when people are going to start fresh or it most likely will. There was a little issue with that install when Windows 2008 RTM’ed back ......

I really meant to post about ImageCup but when I came back I went strait to vacation and now it feels like ages ago. I was a great competition again this year. I’m always impressed by the quality of the ideas that the student come up with. We saw things like water management off farms (the winners), electricity consumption solution, home automation, CO2 monitoring, controlled species monitoring, and much more, the subject being creating a sustainable environment those are pretty big problems to tackle. ......