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February 2008 Entries

So I was on a small stage with Microsoft COO Kevin B. Turner, Microsoft Canada President Phil Sorgen, Sorin Manta from BMO and Lance Mohring, COO and CTO of eMedia. It was a great experience I was very very stressed out and manage to pull myself together and discuss our adoption of Team System at EDS. I'm second to last ......

So someone was bound to do it sooner or later... might as well be me ;-). I got the new shinny Windows 2008 ISO from MSDN and install in a VM. 20 min later I was logging into W2k8. Very nice. I then add the IIS 7.0 feature and following the TFS install guide info about 2008 selected the proper added features ASP.NET HTTP Redirections IIS 6.0 Compatibility Default options Windows Authentication So far so good... I then used my scripts to install SQL 2005, I got the incompatibility prompt for SQL 2005 ......