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I just got a nice letter from Microsoft letting me know I got awarded as MVP for the 3rd year in a row.  I feel really good about last year and all the stuff I did for the community.  I'll try to do as much this year again.  I love meeting new people and helping them network or solve their problem (If I can ;-)).  Looking forward to talking (virtually) to some of you tomorrow in the Webcast, this autumn at the code camp and devteach and throughout next year.  Thanks Microsoft for the 3rd vote of confidence.

I have to acknowledge the Team System product team for their extraordinary open mind and for listening to all of us MVPs give them ideas and suggestion and responding to every last email we send to them and to our discussion list.  You guys really make it fun to work with.  Looking forward to yet another great year with VSTS 2008 and Rosario just around the corner.



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posted on Monday, October 1, 2007 3:03 PM


# re: Third time's the charm 10/1/2007 6:13 PM Anthony Borton
Congratulations ET! Hopefully I'll get to catch up with you at the summit next year.

# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 12:30 AM Guillaume Belmas
I'm glad to learn that !
Congratulations for your great job !
(I've received this letter too :-))

# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 1:10 AM ET
Thanks guys.



# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 1:15 AM Mike Azocar
Congrats ET!!!!!! We are going to party at the summit this year!

# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 5:36 AM Steve St.Jean
Congratulations again... that means that we will be meeting up at the Summit. I'm looking forward to meeting you ( and everyone).


# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 12:33 PM Chris C.
Onya mate! Well done.
It means I can harass you again for another year with my problems. :)

# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 1:01 PM Ken H
And to think, I knew him when Rock Bottom pints and marshmallow bunnies were "in".

GO ET! - Ken H

# re: Third time's the charm 10/2/2007 6:15 PM Mark T
Nice one E.T. Don't let the fame and glory go to the head now :-)

# re: Third time's the charm 10/3/2007 6:30 AM Arnaud Cleret
Congratulations for your great job !

# re: Third time's the charm 11/28/2007 10:57 AM Magdy Essak
Congratulations ET ..well deserved

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