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So I haven't blogged in while, I've been so busy I can't tell when it's night or when it's daytime... Well not really but you get the idea.  I have been toying about the idea of actually coming up with some content (instead of just reporting other people's content ;-)) and I've decide it was time to do so.


In the next few months (weeks if I can kick myself hard enough to do it) I'll write a series of post on Team Build.  I've been playing quite a bit with it and I think there is a lot to talk about.  We'll cover the basics (setup and configure) to the driving forces (MSBuild and Build Types) to customization (Custom Tasks and Target overrides), so stay tuned it should be interesting.

I was in Redmond last week for a VS2008 and .Net 3.5 lab.  This was very interesting, LINQ look better and better, WPF looks harder and harder so does WCF btw, Mobile Development is easier and VSTO still is well... VSTO.  As I was listening in on the various presentation, I was thinking how Moore's law didn't usually apply that much on software technologies but mostly on Hardware, with the new wave of offerings coming out of Microsoft in the last 4 years it seems like Moore's law now is catching up to the software world as well.   There are so many new technologies, versions of old one made better and well old ones still around that it make supporting and creating new solutions rather... well difficult.  After have a few discussions with Microsoft Technology Evangelist their mandate is obviously to show the new stuff, and large crowds at event around the world line to hear about them, but in the real world, I'm not sure those people use much of them due to ITO constraints or customer requirements.  How do you guys deal with the technology churn? How to you manage it?  I know at a lot of event that I talk at people still want to hear about ASP.NET 2.0 let alone AJAX or Silverlight.  They want to hear about TFS v1 but also want to know what's coming up so they don't reinvent the wheel but also that TFS is going in the right direction for their business.

So starting with my next post I'll focus on TB for a while, first up: Setup and Configuration




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