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July 2007 Entries

Read all about it here. Since Microsoft acquired TeamPlain this spring they have worked hard to incorporate all new features in the product and best feature of all; It's FREE for TFS owners. Cheers, ET PS I swear I'll get to Team Build I'm just sooooo busy ;-). Technorati Tags: Team System, TFS, TeamPlain ......

So I'm still working hard on the build series, I'm up to a 26 page document right now just showing how to create a build ;-). But there are just so much new stuff happening that I'm going to skip to that and go back to document after. The whole Team System stack has been renamed check out Rob Caron's blog entry here for all the names. Essentially Visual Studio Team System 2008 - product name. Next I'm featured here on the Canadian Developer Blog there is a short questionnaire I answered about myself ......

So I haven't blogged in while, I've been so busy I can't tell when it's night or when it's daytime... Well not really but you get the idea. I have been toying about the idea of actually coming up with some content (instead of just reporting other people's content ;-)) and I've decide it was time to do so. In the next few months (weeks if I can kick myself hard enough to do it) I'll write a series of post on Team Build. I've been playing quite a bit with it and I think there is a lot to talk about. ......