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May 2007 Entries

I just got my hands on a the shinny new version of MindManager 7 and let me tell you you're in for a threat. Lots of people where on the fence when Microsoft came out with the ribbon stating training would be and issue, users are used to a certain interface etc. Well now that it's been around for almost a year counting betas every time I show it to someone they are a bit skeptical but after playing with it for a bit would never go back to the old menu interface. Fast forward to today, Minjet just ......

Not enough new stuff to talk about, they just said it all at Mix07 (I retrospect that was the conference to attend this year I guess).  Read all about it here.  I was looking forward to that one... Oh well.



Great white paper on how to start properly and setup a team to use Team System.  Go and get it here.

J.D. Meier's also explains what is in this release here

Sorry for the long delay, I've been on vacation to Disney in early May (well if you can call that vacation... pff I was dead every night when we came back with the kids to the hotel) and then I gave three talks at DevTeach in Montreal last week. DevTeach was awesome again this year lots of great speakers and good questions from the audience. I gave a session in tandem with Mario Cardinal on Top Down design in Visual Studio Orcas, lets just say I was *very* disappointed with the state of the Team ......