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So in the last few days a few good blog entries have appear on TFS.  Charles Sterling posted on how to change the product key in the trial or workgroup edition of TFS to the full version, now I knew how to do that (well I taught I knew) but it seems there are more things to do specifically for the workgroup edition have a look here.

Next came a great pdf from real world experience of move folks from VSS to TFS (I wish I had written that) from Steven St-Jean  it's a good read and I'll make it available to our folks internally as a reference (we have a lot of VSS like everyone else I suppose).  You can read it here.

Finally Mike Azocar posted his experience with moving a single server to a new machine an found out some of the steps can be confusing, he expands on the MSDN doc and tells of his gotchas.  Read it here.  The MSDN documentation will be updated based on his and others experiences.





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posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 7:50 AM