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So according to Technorati in order to claim my blog I need to add a little html tag to this blog entry.  This may get me more visitor, lets give it a try. 

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So, I've been reading a lot of blogs in the last few days about this and would like to put in my .02c First off, I'm not going to tell you the SP beta is available since I think everyone on the planet did a great job at that... oh wait I just did as well ;-). Anyway register and get it on Microsoft Connect. As for Legacy support of .Net and Visual Studio in Vista, I think Microsoft are doing the right thing here. We are moving in the future with a new OS. We have a VS that works with the current ......

Hey all, I will be speaking at the Montreal Code Camp. I'm doing two sessions Introduction à Visual Studio Team System et Team Foundation Server pour les développeurs (intro to TFS) and Développer en Virtuel (Virtually Developing). They are expecting 300 people and there are three rooms so about 100 per room per sessions ... That is a lot of people ... gulp ... it'll be great fun. Cheers and looking forward to seeing you all, ET ......

This is post of is for all of you out there that due to security restriction can't be a Local Admin on your server but still need to be TFS Server Administrators. This addresses the Domain installed TFS not the workgroup edition (WE). I will comment on the WE were appropriate. As we all remember there are three application that need our attention here, TFS (obviously), Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). For project level security I urge you to use the TFS ......