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Well hello everyone, sorry for the long delay in posting the next installment in the series, I’ve been a bit under the weather (see Aaron’s post and my back end did feel that way ;-)) in the first week back and then really really busy.

So what did I think of Chennai, the little bit of India that I have seen. Well like I said in the last installment, it’s was big and a tad less cr    azy then Cairo. Due to the fact we were completely wiped we decided to come back a day earlier than expected and that was just fine. So we ended up having only one day of sightseeing. We made the best of it and visited some very old temple in the south of Chennai check them out here but I also have a sample below.

India Etienne 138

This was a temple by the sea and according to our guide is the second most photographed landmark in India after the Taj Mahal (which I didn’t see cause it was probably 2000 miles from where we were in the south of India).

The two most exotic location we did, Cairo and Chennai add a lot of similarity, I think I enjoyed Cairo/Egypt a bit more because of the fact we had more sightseeing day there and that we saw the famous Pyramids of Giza. The temple in the south of India were quite remarkable too so it’s a close second.

My favorite location of the whole trip I think was New-Zealand, it was familiar yet very different being a big fan of the lord of the rings I really enjoyed seeing the museum about it. Too bad we couldn’t take pictures.

I’m happy to be back home and due to many constraint and flight changes we missed one location in our 65 day tour, Winnipeg. So after vacation and a little trip to Seattle the three amigos will rejoin for one last gig there.

Well it’s been a whirlwind tour and I’m still beat but in retrospect, if I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat it was awesome and I met some incredible people along the way and saw things that most people I know would love to see.

When the train passes climb on it because opportunity rarely knock twice. Man that’s deep ;-).


Be good and enjoy diversity that what makes to world so interesting.




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