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June 2006 Entries

11:41 (Cairo Time) Day 47 -- …

Cairo 2100

Good night ;-)


17:30 (Cairo Time) Day 47 – So Aaron started blogging here on GWB and just show you what we went to see last night here. you can go here to view more. There is only one word to describe the pyramids... Grandiose! I wish you were here… Egypt is …. Special!... and hot, did I mention that before ;-) Here is a glimpse.. Cheers, ET ......

12:30 am (Cairo Time) Day 46 – Cairo is big, hot, alive, crazy, foreign and friendly… Our first real day in Cairo was all that, we started off going to our offices in Cairo to meet the folks we are going to talk to for the next three days, thank god we have a driver provided to us by the company, I would not drive in Cairo! The is no such thing as a line in the street here, no traffic light (not that they would stop…;-)) and cars, cars, cars, well did I say cars, I meant to say lots of cars! And ......

23:55 (Cairo time) Day 49 – We have left the relative cold of Wales (18C) to the scorching heat of Cairo (35C) man what a shock to start with. But let’s back up a few days, after our last talk in Swansea, I got to install a local TFS instance and found an interesting but I will talk about in the next post, after that was done, we got out and started our Wales sightseeing experience by going to Worms Head to have a pint and a sunset ;-). It’s quite a nice place and we watched the Brazilians win 4-1 ......

23:00 GMT – Day 45, We have been in Swansea Wales (in the UK) for the last 3 days, The training as gone well again most people are excited about VSTS and can’t wait to be using it. We find interesting deployment opportunities at every locations which makes those trips important for us. Swansea is by the sea, it’s a small but lovely town. We really haven’t much time to wander around being in meetings all days long. We will have a few day Friday and Saturday morning so we’ll ......

13:30 EST – Day 26, on the plane back home from Kokomo, it was a short trip, I left Monday and I’m already going back home. There a was a welcome change of plan that happened yesterday, instead of going to Winnipeg next Monday we are pushing the date to July a week after we come back from India. This will let me spend next week in Montreal, I have been away for the last 3 weeks and this will be great to spend time with my family before the going for another 4 weeks. I should be able to ......