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April 2006 Entries

So I installed TeamPlain on my sandbox to see how it behaved, well let me tell you that this is a cool product. It's all web based and gives you access to your TFS work items, all the reports, your documents on the WSS site and even your source code. You can access those things from either VS or WSS but it's now all in one easily accessible site and it look pretty sweet. Well done guys… I'll definitely recommend it for specific scenarios. You still need a CAL to use the site (so you can't just ......

I'm currently planning a worldwide trip to promote TFS and VSTS in my company and I've been super busy with preparation for this. I'll get back to this subject soon in a series called Around the world in 65 days the chronicles of a TFS evangelist. hehe. For now, i've read a great post from Scott Kuhl on helping developer productivity (manager you should read this here). Cheers for now, can't wait to chronicle my trips... ET ......