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January 2006 Entries

Man it rocks! it's a very cool browser. get it here. I'm currently surfing a bit with it to see performance and usability.  It's very nice.  I love the new tab and quick tab feature very handy.  IE7 will be a great upgrade to IE6.

Cheerio! and happy browsing.


Just a quick link to a podcast I recorded (in french) with my good friends at Visual Studio Talk Show about using virtualization in development environments the pro and cons get it here. Bonjour tout le monde, si vous êtes intéresser à m'écouter ainsi que mes copains de Visual Studio Talk Show a propos de l'utilisation virtualization dans des environnements de développement rendez-vous ici. Cheers, ET ......

Jeff tells us here about what has happened since October with Team Foundation Server. One important thing to note, you will not be able to install TFS on a Domain Controller anymore, all the Single Server installs I've done for demos and training have been on Single Server VMs with DC. So you have been warned. The friendly names for work items is a welcome change no one likes being called RTG54F!! The move of the Reporting Services on the app tier make sense on an architectural level since all the ......

My good friend Jeff as just announced that the RC of TFS (which will also be “go-live” btw) will be available in early Feb if the world doesn't end before that.  See his full post here.

Whoohoo indeed Jeff.



Team System MSDN Public Chat Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developer &Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers When: Wednesday, January 18th 2006 @ 10am PST (1pm EST) What: Join us to discuss the Profiler, Test Tools (Unit, Generic, Manual), Web & Load Testing, and Code Analysis (FxCop & PREFast). We have questions for you, will answer questions from you, and will chat about the exciting new technology. Where: Cheers, ET ......

For those of you who don't have snow... This picture was taken in November 2005 (the first real snow) Those where taken on the 16th of December and we've had about 2 meter a snow since. Goto love the cold to live here.... ;-) Cheers, ET ......

I just submitted a talk for Tech-Ed 2006 in Boston here is the abstract Adopting Team System You have seen the Team System overviews, you are stoked and want to start using the product but you’re not sure where to start? This session is for you, in it we will open the box and look inside, we will discuss the various installation scenarios (solo developer or for a group, hardware vs. Virtual), the difference between the various Visual Studio SKUs, the adoption rate of all the new features now ......