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So I’ve been hearing a lot of folks (myself included) having issue with debugging there web application with VS 2010, Cassini (the VS web server) and IE9. It looks like this Well I found and easy solution, image that . Edit your hosts file at location c:\windows\system32\drivers... and make sure the localhost line is uncommented and the localhost ::1 is commented or deleted. You can ping locahost host from a command line and make sure you see Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ......

Hello everyone, long time no blog… I’ll try to get back in the game soon but with 2 customer and user group and life in general let’s just say I’m busy. In the meantime I’m passing along this great offer. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional will launch on April 12 but you can beat the rush and secure your copy today by pre-ordering at the affordable estimated retail price of $549, a saving of $250. If you use a previous version of Visual Studio or any other development tool then you are eligible ......

I’m speaking again at DevTeach this year in June in Vancouver. Here is a comprensive list of things going on. Party with Vancouver IT community Monday June 8th URL: Vancouver IT community is hosting Monday june 8th in Vancouver a DevTeach kick off party. This is the official social event for DevTeach Vancouver. The event is not just for the attendees of DevTeach Vancouver it’s a free event for everyone. It’s a unique chance for the attendees, speakers and locals to ......