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ET's VS and TFS World Fascinating tidbits about VS and TFS and .NET (well I hope...) Egypt There are 4 entries for the tag Egypt
I’m going to be a judge again at Imagine Cup Egypt…
Hello everyone, I’ve known for while I was going to be a judge but I forgot to mention it. Now that the day has come for me to take the plane to Egypt well I though I’d mention it ;-). This should be an interesting judging exercise this year since there is no one theme, every team can pick from one the 8 millennium goals from Unesco You can read about those at Millennium Goals What’s going to be difficult is that in the past the competition centered around one of the those goals and we could compare ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 30, 2009 9:22 AM

Around the world in 65 days (part 12)
12:40 (Cairo Time) Day 50 – Last day in Cairo, feels like we have been here way longer than 8 days… We went to Alexandria 2 days ago and got to swim in the Mediterranean Sea that was nice. Alexandria has a cool castle call Quay Bay which is build with the stones of the Alexandria Light house one of the last Wonders of the World remaining before the Pyramids of Giza. We also saw a few catacombs (don’t go if you ever go to Alexandria it’s not worth it). The Alexandria Library ......

Posted On Saturday, July 1, 2006 3:15 AM

Around the world in 65 days (Part 9)
12:30 am (Cairo Time) Day 46 – Cairo is big, hot, alive, crazy, foreign and friendly… Our first real day in Cairo was all that, we started off going to our offices in Cairo to meet the folks we are going to talk to for the next three days, thank god we have a driver provided to us by the company, I would not drive in Cairo! The is no such thing as a line in the street here, no traffic light (not that they would stop…;-)) and cars, cars, cars, well did I say cars, I meant to say lots of cars! And ......

Posted On Sunday, June 25, 2006 2:58 PM

Around the world in 65 days (part 1)
So I will try to post as much as possible about my experience in 4 continents and 7 countries not counting the airports in transit countries. So here is a quick break down of my next 2 1/2 months First New-Zealand land of the hobbits and home to our first stop on the WWT2K6 (World Wide Tour 2006) Next Brazil, followed by Kokomo Indiana (where I will amongst other things give a live MSDN webcast). Following Kokomo, I will go to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and then TechED in Boston. Upon my return from ......

Posted On Friday, May 5, 2006 2:14 PM

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