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I've been a TiVo subscriber for ten years.  In fact, my original series one had a serial number in the hundreds and according to my TiVo account I've upgraded every 5 years.  However, I was recently considering switching to a DVR from my cable provider, Dish, or Direct TV.  After making the leap to the new TiVo premiere model, I'm glad I stuck with TiVo.

After one day, I'm enjoying... dual tuner recording; YouTube video; HD quality & support; enhanced search; expanded season pass capabilities; shows listed by season & episode number; tons of mashups with online services,  online games, automatic 30 second fast forward, picture-in-picture, etc.  Tomorrow my cable card arrives and I'll have all the digital and HD channels combine witht the TiVo interface.

It truly is the "one" single device everyone needs for their living room.  Once again, TiVo has proven to be the innovation leader in their marketspace and I'm glad I'm on their bandwagon.

Posted on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10:37 PM Product Reviews | Back to top

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