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A while ago (while still at Microsoft), I created a diagram that provided a functional breakout of the various versions and feature of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.  I presented this diagram to customers, user goups, etc.  Eventually, I posted it to the internal Microsoft document library (ICE) thinking that someone may want to use it. 

This morning, I was reading some research from Gartner about Portals and discovered something interesting...  They're using my diagram in Microsoft's 2007 SharePoint Products and Technologies in Action, by Lou Latham, and Mark R. Gilbert., June 2007.

 Functional Licensing Breatout for Microsoft Office SharePont Server

Once I discovered this, I was curious to see if anyone else was using it and I found a slightly modified version here.

For most people it doesn't matter where some of these research sources come from.  However, this small social discovery was personally gratifying for me.  


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