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My final thing task to complete for the Heartland Developer Conference 2005 was to make sure that Game Zone for the Developer Jam was taken care of.  The Developer Jam will run from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am on the night of October 13th.  Initially while planning the HDC we had discussed working with AMD and Frank Cabanski from IGames.  Working with AMD, Frank has been the DJ for the Game Zone at Tech Ed and PDC.  Since one of our goals for the HDC is to be a mini PDC, we were very exciting to get the same people and equipment for our Game Zone.  Unfortunately, when we touched base with AMD a couple weeks ago, we found out that they had committed their Alienware equipment to other events.  AMD had intended us to their equipment, but multiple teams share the equipment and other teams didn't know about their commitment to us.  The good news is that AMD is still sponsoring our major giveaway of a monstrous AMD/Alienware PC.  However, this left me with two weeks to find replacement equipment for the HDC Game Zone.

Cedar Rapids has two local gaming businesses, Cedar Valley Gamerz and Extreme PvP.  Over the last two weeks I have reviewed their facilities and spoken with them about about supplying and Djing the HDC Game Zone.  I decided to go with Extreme PvP since they had more interest in supporting the technology community and would be much easier to work with.  Extreme PvP will be providing 18 gaming machines with Battlefield 2 and AV equipment for DJ purposes.   I can't express how much I appreciate Extreme PvP's support for our conference.  After multiple visits to their location to play games myself, I highly recommend any local gamers to check this place out.  Of course you may want to call a head to make sure they have available spot.  Every time I visit their location they are very busy.

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