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The Joys of Consulting

I see that I missed posting for the entire month of August.  It was a very busy month for month for me.   My year end contract with Rockwell Collins ended on August 22nd.  One month before my contract ended, Rockwell decided to implement a policy that consultants would not be allowed to work more than one year on-site at Rockwell.  I will be eligible to work for Rockwell again 90 days after my contract ended.

Unfortunately the market in Cedar Rapids for .NET Architect/Lead is somewhat limited.  At this point I am doing corp-to-corp work for my business D.B.A. Dynamic Web Design and some 1099 projects.  I have been very busy looking for a new position/contract, working for my business, running CRINETA, and working on the Microsoft/INETA launch for the INETA Community Activities team.  My wife tells me that I'm the busiest unemployed person that she knows.

Many people tell me that I have the ideal job working for my own business.  However, I promised my wife that I would not pursue my software company start-up.  Instead my business has now transformed into a .NET outsourcing company.  My wife does not want me to work for myself, so I will continue to look for a permanent position or w2 contract work here in Cedar Rapids.



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Unfortunately the market in Cedar Rapids for .NET Architect/Lead is somewhat limited?? I have seen alot of .Net jobs on Monster and Dice for CR/Silicorn Valley, but maybe they are all third party, working for a consulting firm for "regular" wages instead of consulting on your own. I have seen so many recently that I have contemplated moving back to CR (where I grew up) from Kansas. (You want to see bad - the city I live in Kansas is three times the size of CR and virtually no IT jobs at all).
9/12/2005 5:21 AM | Scott Miller

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Unfortunately for me, most of the positions listed by Volt, Midcom, etc. are for consulting positions within Rockwell. Due to rockwell policy, I am not elgiable to apply for these positions until late November.

I'm sorry to hear that the IT market in KC is worse. Hopefully more companies and jobs will open up in IT over the next year. 9/19/2005 9:56 AM | Eric Johnson

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Wow....Eric that sucks! It always seems companies are pushing IT real hard but when it comes down to it they never seem to have the money to hire anyone. They want you to have all the skills in the world but they don't want to pay you for them. People say money isn't everthing...well the way I look at it...if you have bills and need to is everything! Good luck in your search! Tell Bridget I said the software company is a good thing! Money money money! See ya! 9/19/2005 12:14 PM | Jerry Denniston