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ScottGu and LINQ in VS "Orcas" B2

ScottGu has been busy writing some articles about some of the new features contained in the new Beta 2 bits of Visual Studio "Orcas":

- Part 1: Introduction to LINQ to SQL
- Part 2: Defining our Data Model Classes
- Part 3: Querying our Database
- Part 4: Updating our Database
- Part 5: Binding UI using the ASP:LinqDataSource control

So far, its an interesting read... In particular I like the idea of the <asp:LinqDataSource> control, but I'm not so sure the implementation was correct... 

At first glance, having a "TableName" property for the control seems counter-intuitive to LINQ, since I question how many times would I only use 1 table...?

However, I'd like to reserve judgement until we get our hands on it and can check out the LinqDataSource control for ourselves.

In the mean time, we all have a lot of cool stuff to look forward to!

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