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My recovery from World Cup

Long story short, I rode a river boat cruise about 4 weeks ago, from Amsterdam, through Germany, and ending up in Vienna, Austria.  So many people just out having a blast... I didn't even make it into any of the arenas.  They actually had free fanfests with freakin huge screens showing the game, it was almost as fun as being there, I think... maybe I'll start a picture blog somehow, and post the pics, i'll have to host it myself, seeing as its about 5GB's... All digital photos and sharp as a 6 megapixel camera takes. 

I got home and realized something...   I realized I always complain about something here, so here's to changing it around... here's to complimenting...

...Like Dell's new site... I was configuring a new laptop.  It's about time to retire my current one... that HD is kinda slow at 5400rpm, and kinda small at 40gb so i'm using the HD as an excuse... whatever...

Anyways, i'm configuring the laptop on Dell's site, and I hit an option to change, and viola... AJAX postback... I wonder if its Atlas? 

Man, I'm really looking forward to the new breed of web applications.

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