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Blocked on MSDN Product Feedback?

Hmmm, seems that I may have suggested too strongly that VS aint ready.  I posted a suggestion to have VS extended into Beta 3.  Seems that censorship is alive and well.

VS 2005 aint ready.  Period.  I have all kinds of dubious errors in my error list for web projects or actually, “Web Pages that all inhabit a similar directory”. Whats even worse is that it BUILDS CORRECTLY, but floods my “Errors List” window with strange errors:

[insert bitmap here]

Ambiguous reference between two builds of my project dlls?  Is that because each page is referencing a slightly different build of a project assembly, depending on when the page was accessed, which compiles it against a particular revision?  Is this the way its supposed to work?  I dont think so.

This business of “project-less” “Web Sites” is bogus.  None of the pages can reference the others through code now.  You have to do “work arounds”  Is this how JSPs work?  The beauty of ASP.Net's object model is that it really was an object model, with the new twist of introducing us to declarative programming ala ASPX ala XAML.

Why have we taken a huge step backwards?  Community requests?  Doubt it.  Microsoft marketing requests?  Highly suspect.

What we now have is a “great platform” for novice developers.  Forget about the enterprise web application developers, all we do is samples anyways.  Samples, demo code, and trite tutorials.  I'm glad the direction ASP.Net is taking is to show you how to easily demonstrate absolutely nothing. to easily prototype an application that simply spits out a table from a database in HTML.  Fantastic.  Are we moving forward here?

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