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Some Visual Studio product feedback exposure

I'd like to suggest to you all reading this blog to give these feedback items some thought.  These are bug reports that I'm not sure the .NET developer community is able to see since the feedback system's rating system tends to “reward“ by popularity instead of by seriousness. (Note: For convience, all links open in a "feedback" named window via target="feedback".)

Bugs I reported: Suggestions I made:

[Bug Details: SqlDataSource SelectCommand with newlines causes parser to barf]

[Bug Details: Add Provider functionality lost after beta 1]

Quicker way to Add References to projects in same solution

[Asp.Net parser should be tagging controls with attributes that can help to diagnose errors]

Add ToString documentation annotations regarding format options

In the add references dialog (for all App projects), default tab should be "Projects" instead of ".Net"


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