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A couple of items to know and understand about this. One is the overall setup you will have completed, and then the other is the time it takes.

Overall Setup

Important to understand you will be working with a new trial tenant, you can’t use an existing one. Also, the tenant is an E3, that means $20 month/user if you decide to move from trial to permanent.

Time to provision

Here is what this looked like at around 1PM today …


This is what it looks like close to 9hrs later …


When you received the email that stated 8 to 36hrs, it was not an overstatement by any means. Just the Core Pack took about 5 to 6hrs to complete.  So, patience is a must!


It took almost 10hrs to complete the provisioning … but here are the items all green and completed!


Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 9:50 PM SharePoint , Tools , Lync , Office 365 | Back to top

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